Kids Wooden Kitchen Mixer Set


Elevate your child’s culinary adventures with our Kids Wooden Kitchen Mixer Set. This delightful playset includes a wooden mixing bowl, rolling pin, spatula, flour, biscuits, and a tray for a complete baking experience. Crafted with care, the wooden components are safe, durable, and perfect for little hands. Children can explore the joys of baking, mixing, and creating delicious imaginary treats while enhancing fine motor skills and fostering imaginative play. Encourage a love for cooking and imaginative storytelling with this captivating wooden kitchen mixer set, providing hours of educational and interactive fun for aspiring little chefs.



  • Complete Baking Experience: Includes a mixing bowl, rolling pin, spatula, flour, biscuits, and a tray for imaginative play
  • Child-Friendly Materials: Crafted from safe and durable wood, perfect for little hands.
  • Enhances Motor Skills: Promotes fine motor skills as children engage in mixing and baking activities.
  • Fosters Creativity: Encourages imaginative storytelling and a love for culinary adventures.
  • Educational Fun: Provides hours of interactive and educational play for aspiring young chefs.
  • Safe for Kids: Made with child safety in mind, ensuring worry-free playtime.
  • High-Quality Construction: Durable components for long-lasting enjoyment.


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