Kids Wooden Afternoon Tea Set


Elevate playtime to a delightful afternoon affair with our Kids Wooden Afternoon Tea Set, where imagination takes center stage! This enchanting set includes a delightful selection of wooden cakes and buns, as well as saucers and a charming cake stand. Crafted with care, these child-friendly pieces invite young ones to explore their creativity and engage in imaginative tea parties. From hosting elegant gatherings to indulging in sweet treats, this tea set offers endless entertainment. It fosters social interaction, refines fine motor skills, and nurtures a love for sharing and storytelling. Bring the magic of tea time to playtime with this captivating wooden tea set.


  • Complete Tea Set: Includes a variety of wooden cakes and buns, saucers, and a charming cake stand for an immersive tea party experience.
  • Imaginative Play: Encourages imaginative and creative play, perfect for hosting delightful tea parties and gatherings.
  • Social Interaction: Fosters social skills and cooperation as children engage in pretend tea time with friends or family.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Refines fine motor skills through activities like serving, arranging, and handling the tea set components.
  • Sharing and Storytelling: Nurtures a love for sharing and storytelling as kids invent scenarios and interact during play.
  • Child-Friendly Design: Crafted with safety and durability in mind, ensuring safe play for young children.
  • Endless Entertainment: Provides hours of engaging entertainment, inspiring imaginative tea-time adventures.
  • Educational Fun: Combines learning with play, promoting creativity and enhancing cognitive development.
  • Playroom Essential: An ideal addition to any playroom, enhancing the richness of imaginative playtime experiences.


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