Kids Play Mat – Alphabet


Introducing our vibrant Kids Play Mat, adorned with colorful and playful alphabet letters. Crafted from a soft polyester fiber, this mat provides a comfortable and safe space for your child’s playtime activities. The non-slip base ensures stability, keeping the mat securely in place. With its interactive design featuring fun alphabet letters, it offers an engaging way for kids to learn and play. Whether it’s for tummy time, reading, or creative play, this mat is the perfect addition to any playroom or nursery. Watch your child’s imagination flourish as they explore and learn on this cozy and educational play mat.



  • Colourful Alphabet Letters: Features vibrant and playful letters that engage and educate kids.
  • Soft Polyester Fiber: Crafted from a gentle and comfortable material, ensuring a cozy play area.
  • Non-Slip Base: Equipped with a secure non-slip base, preventing accidents during play.
  • Interactive Learning: Offers an engaging platform for kids to learn and explore the alphabet.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for tummy time, reading, creative play, and educational activities.
  • Kid-Friendly Design: Enhances the playroom or nursery with its fun and educational appearance.
  • Comfort and Safety: Provides a soft and safe surface for kids to play and learn.
  • Imaginative Exploration: Encourages children to unleash their creativity and imagination.
  • Educational Playtime: Combines learning and fun, fostering a positive learning environment.
  • Durable Construction: Made to withstand active play while maintaining its vibrant appearance.
  • Measurements: 100cm x 160cm



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